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BB Cream is a finisher that has a powerful formula, which combines 12 benefits in a single product such as thermal protection and UV protection, which are essential, in addition to other benefits for the hair. Contains D-Panthenol and Macadamia, which provide intense hair recovery, even in the most fragile hair. 02. UVA and thermal protection 03. Protects color 04. Increases shine 05. Controls frizz 06. Moisturizing action 07. Provides softness and smoothness 08. Soothes chemical aggressions 09. Styles without fixing 10. Revitalises curls 11. Prevents frizz doubles 12 Makes brushing easier.

BB Cream

  • Apply to dry or damp hair (leave-in and thermal protector), it can be used as a daily conditioner, or even a treatment mask. Use the required amount that is sufficient for your hair.

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