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Products designed to protect and prolong the vibrancy of colored hair. These treatments lock in color, prevent fading, and provide nourishment to keep colored hair looking shiny and healthy.

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Professional Toner

The toner is ideal for damaged or sensitive hair as its composition does not contain added ammonia, lead or parabens, ensuring greater health for the hair.


OS Red


So Red Sarah K Mask works from the first application. It is an intensifier that completely pigments the faded or bleached tone, leaving the hair a radiant red. It has Cherry Butters, which prevents dryness, enhancing shine, softness and colour durability

OS Red.png
Plex Powder


Sarah K PLEX POWDER is the first bleaching powder in the world that already contains the famous plex complex in its formula, which protects the hair and lightens it up to 9 tones. Suitable for platinum hair.

Plex Powder.png
Mask Copper


The Copper Mask is a tint that works from the first application. Its keratin formula leaves hair with a natural tone. Ideal for maintaining copper colour.

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Mask Marsalla


The Marsalla Mask is a toner that contains keratin in its formula, for well-pigmented and always treated hair. Ideal for marsala colour.

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The Colors permanent coloring cream has the Cationic System: a system with positive charges, which neutralize the negative charges in the hair, promoting more radiant colors, shine, hydration and softness to the strands.

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